JM MOUDY GALLERY  //  12.3.18  //  7–9 PM


/kənˈvərj/   VERB

1  (of lines) tend to meet at a point.

2  airflow or ocean currents meeting, characteristically marked by an upwelling (of air) or downwelling (of water).


Kahla Watkins

Kahla, pronounced like Kayla, is from the Dallas metroplex. Growing up in the middle of two boys motivated her to always be the best in both athletics and school. She came into the graphic design field as a fine artist and devotes herself whole-heartedly to both art and design. While she eagerly waits for the day they finally come out with One Punch Man Season 2, she has managed to put together a diverse portfolio. Kahla excels in illustration and ad design and brings her easy-going personality wherever she goes. Check out her work here.

Michele Farren

Michele came to TCU to pursue the two things she loves most—graphic design and music. She has one creative brain that uses both design and music thinking to feed each other. Michele might be quiet, but she loves understanding how people are wired and she can talk for hours about how Myers-Briggs personality types explain the best parts in people. Detailed typography and concept driven campaigns are Michele’s forte, but she also loves dabbling in new mediums like paper-quilling and animation. Check out her work here.

Britta Wichary

Britta is a San Diego native who is inspired by spaces and surroundings. She is a quick learner, list maker, dedicated designer, and ready to grow as a professional creative. In her free time, she does calligraphy and natural-light portrait photography. If @brittawichary doesn’t respond to your Instagram DM right away, she’s probably on a walk with her son, an Australian Shepherd mix named Huxley, or @bravenewhuxley. In another life, she would probably be a professional mood-boarder. Check out her work here.

Jessica Dawson

Jessie to most— is from Bend, Oregon, home of the last Blockbuster on Earth. True to her home base, she’s a cinephile and would love to tell you why Forrest Gump isn’t as overrated as everyone says it is. A chronic illustrator, Jessie spent her class periods doodling caricatures of her professors in the margins of her notebooks. In her four years in the Navy, she painted grand murals of P3-Orions and fighter jets. Today she uses her artistic bent to enhance her design, which features bold colors, expressive typography, and, of course, illustration. Check out her work here.


From I-30, exit south onto University Drive. Travel 2.5 miles to Cantey Street. There is a public parking lot available on the northeast corner located across from the church. If the lot is full, then we wish you the best of luck trying to park anywhere else on campus. The designated parking lots change daily, so your guess is as good as ours. The gallery is located on the first floor of the Moudy North building.

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