If we have learned one thing from this year and our college experience, it is that things will always be in FLUX. Change is inevitable and we have learned to not only navigate life’s obstacles and challenges, but grow from these experiences. Looking back at how far we have come in these last four years we have learned to TRUST THE PROCESS and embrace change. Change is inevitable but growth is optional, and ultimately we would not be the designers we are today without the struggles faced throughout this year. 

master of finesse


Whoever said multitasking is impossible never met Cassie. Cassie juggles multiple jobs, projects, and responsibilities all at once while thinking to herself “What, like it’s hard?” Cassie has been a skilled dressage rider for 19 years so it’s safe to say she can take the reins of any project. Cassie tackles every project head-on with fortitude, exceptional time management, and, of course, her secret weapon: 40oz of coffee a day. As the master of finesse, Cassie has probably taken on 3 new projects just while you were reading this, all while making the rest of us wonder how she makes it look so easy. 

expert of exploration


A lover of trying new things, learning, and an adventurer at heart, Rae is the expert of exploration. Rae is not afraid to explore new challenges and always makes sure to bring the fun into work and have a laugh along the way. Rae not only succeeds but thrives under pressure, armed with the ability to withstand stress and adapt to change. Her quick wit makes her a skilled copywriter and versatile designer. Ever the risk-taker, Rae is bright and upbeat like her ever-changing hair, and is always ready to dive head-on into a new project. What Rae sets her mind to she excels at. 

queen of organization


Nicole is a hard-working and detail-oriented creative with a love for branding. She not only sets very high standards for herself but she exceeds them. As our resident queen of organization, Nicole’s favorite thing to do is buy a new planner and notebook for the year’s challenges ahead. Nicole can look at the most daunting of tasks and the task is more scared of her determination and skill than she is of it. With an eye for detail and a knack for storytelling, Nicole has the skills to manage any project that is thrown her way. She is resilient in the face of change and can tackle any challenge, no matter how big, with a smile on her face.

boss of balance


Brandi is equal parts research nerd, confidant to all, and dedicated plant mom. Whether you want to know about the best wine to drink in Europe or the best plant to buy for your home, Brandi is your go to girl for any and all random facts. A true walking encyclopedia, Brandi has a keen eye for research and won’t stop until she knows she has all of the best, most relevant information. She has traveled the world and has no problem making real friends everywhere she goes. If you looked up “chill” in the dictionary there would be a picture of Brandi next to it. Brandi is strong but nurturing, flexible but steadfast, analytical but approachable. She is the boss of balance.