Over the past four years, we have spent 38,880 hours perfecting our craft. We are twelve designers who, against the odds, chose to be resilient and adaptable to see our goals to the end. We are hustlers, problem-solvers, and have spent our time in the BFA Graphic Design program sprinting the marathon in front of us. This exhibition chronicles the work we have put in to reach our full potentials. 
Twelve designers with twelve different paths, all leading to this moment. Before we go our separate ways, we want to toast to our unconventional journey coming to an end. 
Time has officially run out.


special thanks to our sponsors

TCU Graphic Design Advisory Board

Mr. Scott Turner
Mr. Steve Hanthorn
Ms. Lydia Guajardo Rickard, LCOMM Marketing
Mr. Ken Schaefer, Schaefer Advertising Company
Mr. Andrew Yanez, PytchBlack
John Cockrell, Jr., Cockrell Enovation
Additional thanks to the support of family and friends who have seen the 
designers through sleepless nights and have made this celebration possible.